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Newton W
Less than one month in and I already can feel I have results and am on the Right Journey to Fitness.

Dominique E
I did the Hip Hop class with Allison tonight and it was a lot of fun and a great workout!!! Look forward to the next one.

Monica T
My Journey Fitness classes are the best part of my day! I love the small class size and open air gym; it really makes me feel safe during these scary times. All the fitness instructors are amazing & really make you feel like you can accomplish anything! The owner Mary is very personable and always available to answer any questions. I also love the variety of classes so you never get bored & your body is always being challenged!

Stan S
Joined Journey Fitness about 3 months ago. The Owners Mary and Rich keep the gym clean and safe. The Group classes have awesome trainers and gives challenging workouts for all skill levels. The other members (now friends) are great and very encouraging during the workouts . At Journey Fitness you  get an awesome  workout with Owners and trainers that care about you.

Jason H
I have been training at Journey Fitness for approximately 7 months and am thrilled with my experience. Mary and Rich are highly skilled and knowledgeable, their guidance has made an incredible difference in how I look and feel. They are magnificent. I would highly recommend contacting Journey Fitness!

Ruanne G
I’ve been going here 2x a week for the past 7 months and I love it!  I get a real workout in a smaller group setting with awesome instructors. I particularly love Michele’s classes. Mary the owner is accommodating and very friendly. Try a class and you’ll understand why I keep coming back every week!

Ari M
Words cannot express the love I have for Journey Fitness Center, and especially Rich and Mary.  Not only are Rich and Mary beautiful people, kind-hearted, and just unbelievably warm, they have built an environment at JFC where there are a variety of different clients can come to achieve their personal goals.  While I have been there I have seen athletes who are looking to improve themselves, increase personal records, and I have watched others who were not fit get into shape (myself included).  The facility is immaculate, their equipment is kept meticulous, and their trainers are all so knowledgeable and diverse.

Are you looking to lose weight?  They can help.
Are you looking for a PR?  They have you covered.
Are you intimidated by going to a "gym"? They will help you build your confidence.

Sincerely, Rich and Mary are not there only to train you, they want to see and help you achieve your goals, and they are on this journey with you.

Nicholas P
If you want a place with professional, knowledgeable, caring trainers, this is it! Mary and her team do a phenomenal job and give each client a personalized experience.

Shelly B
I have had a very good experience at Journey Fitness- my trainer is flexible, listens to my concerns and pushes me! very professional environment and the owners are very friendly. A+

Hannah P
Journey Fitness is by far the most encouraging, fun, and energetic place. The trainers make you feel comfortable and motivated!

Alex M
Honestly, Journey Fitness is one of the best personal training centers in Port Orange. Great care, amazing trainers, great results.

Allan Z
I have been going to Journey Fitness for a year now. I have never felt better or been healthier in my love. I highly recommend Rich and Mary.

Jim M
Fun classes that challenge your body and mind.  Each instructor provides a quality workout that will strengthen your body.

Virginia M
Loving the fitness classes!  You are encouraged to modify to your fitness level.

Kelly R
I really love journey fitness!! The classes and instructors are the best!!

I love that it’s one on one training. Great atmosphere and the owner makes you feel like family during training sessions.

Cassie B
Rich and Mary are very sweet and personable. I highly recommend their gym.

Roxanne H
I have been a member since they opened. Great staff and facility is clean and welcoming.

Jennifer S
Great place, great trainers.  Highly recommended them!

James E
Great Gym and coaches!

Kevin F
Quality throughout. Personal training staff and facility!

Great instructors, extremely clean, and a awesome group of people who encourage each other to strive and meet their goals.

Dan W
Clean, professional and fun: great trainers, great community and calorie burning workouts

Kerri R
Such an awesome Gym! Very personalized, professional, and CLEAN. The owners Mary and Rich are great and make sure you are happy with your entire experience. Dorene and Sarah are awesome trainers and really listened to our wants and needs. As business owners we also needed somewhere that could work with our crazy schedule and with my Fiancé being a Professional Racer, we needed a gym that could really work with him to improve his performance in and out of the car and he gets just that. Thank you so much Journey Fitness.

Shay P
I love Michele's workouts!!  She has massive energy.  It's obvious she has an in-depth knowledge of the body and knows how to push you where you need to go. The facility is an intimate setting, where you are not on stage and you feel like you are receiving one on one instruction. Mary, the owner, is super out-going and energetic,  and pushes you while pushing herself in class! The group classes are awesome and provide lots of variety. Very professional and clean facility!

Holly B
Journey is a fantastic gym!! All the trainers are awesome and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at.  Every workout is different every single time I go and the facility is also super clean.  Would highly recommend!

My 11 year old son has been working with Andrew on core strength, stabilization and agility. It’s one of his favorite days of the week. After his first session he said, “mom, that was so fun and Andrew is so supportive and encouraging.” He can feel his balance and core strength improving. Andrew has been able to make the workouts specific to my sons needs as well as sport specific to the sport he plays. He has trained in both the group training room as well as the one on one training side of the facility and both are immaculately kept. I highly recommend journey!

Tara B
Journey Fitness is the best place for a workout!! Classes are awesome and their instructors are top notch. The gym is always clean, equipped and the staff is professional and extremely sweet!

Don M
I've been working out at Journey for the past four months, and my results have far surpassed my expectations.  I'm in my mid-30s, have remained moderately active, but I love to eat.  I run recreationally, enjoy mountain biking from time to time, and play softball a few months out of the year.  I almost never lifted weights before this, but I was no stranger to the cardio equipment in most gyms either.  I've had on-and-off gym memberships over the last several years at a few places, and I'd even gotten involved in some group fitness classes for a while in the not-so-distant past.  So I didn't feel that I was in bad shape going into this, but I was definitely trending in the wrong direction recently, and I knew the time was upon me to make some changes.  As my weight slowly crept up over the last few years to a point I was no longer willing to accept, I decided to take control of it.

Over the next few months working out with JFC, I rediscovered my motivation for fitness, made impactful but realistic changes to my diet and workout routines, and shed my previous misconceptions about weight training.  In just over three months I lost more than 20 pounds, I feel like getting back down to my high school weight is realistically within reach, and in a lot of ways I feel physically stronger than I've ever been.  My friends, family and coworkers have all noted the change in how my clothes fit me and have had good things to say about the changes in my appearance.  The workouts I do on my own outside of Journey are improving as a result as well.  I'm confident enough to go to the gym on my own and use equipment that previously intimidated me.  I'm able to run significantly further with less soreness and at a more consistent pace than I have previously, and the recovery period after my long runs are much shorter, less painful, and with significantly less limitation to my mobility.

Yes, there are far cheaper ways to get in shape than to spend on a personal trainer.  But I had tried a handful of those other methods, and the results for me had always been mixed. I usually saw some progress, a plateau, some backtracking, some more progress, another plateau, and then usually a burnout at some point where I lost all motivation and progress and eventually had to start over from the beginning.  But I can't argue with the results I'm seeing from this.  I've never worked with another personal trainer like this, so I don't know how this would stack up to another, similar business or individual, but I have been so very pleased with how things have gone with Journey that I am happy to sing their praises and recommend them to my friends.  I've been welcomed and treated well by everyone there, and I feel like the trainers have really made it a point to make MY goals THEIR goals.  My membership here has definitely been money well spent.

Jenny E
Journey Fitness is an outstanding gym!! The owners, Mary and Rich, are super friendly, positive and professional. They both go above and beyond to make sure you feel welcomed and provide a safe and clean environment. My son, Jordan, has benefited so much from training under Andrew. Andrew provides challenging but fun workouts to keep him motivated and boosts his confidence. Thanks, Journey for helping Jordan  learn the tools he needs to have a healthy future!

Reggie H
Have been training at Journey Fitness since opening.  The staff is  professional, knowledgeable, and extremely fun!  The only place I would recommend for true one-on-one training. The very best.

Ann P
Very nice, clean very knowledgable

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