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What Non-Scale Victories Have You Had?

What Non-Scale Victories Have You Had?

What Non-Scale Victories Have You Had?

Non-Scale victories are where it’s at!! Discouraged that the scale isn’t moving fast enough? Check out ways to feel good about your hard work:

1. How do your clothes fit? Try on the same pair of jeans and shirt
every six to eight weeks to notice changes. Do they fit looser?
2. How do you feel? You should have more energy daily, enjoying life,
and feel less stressed.
3. How much can you do? Keep a workout journal and log how much weight
you can lift and how many miles you can walk or run. Compare to
when you first started.
4. Are you sleeping better? Getting 7-8 hours of rest at night helps
reduce stress and cortisol levels. More energy the next day means
better workouts!
5. Are you making better fuel choices? Keeping yourself hydrated, not
skimping on protein, and filling up with more fibrous vegetables
helps you feel great.

Never forget to love the body you have while you are working for the body you want! Your happiness, worthiness and value can’t be measured by a scale!

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