Walking As Exercise: A Blog

Walking As Exercise: A Blog

Walking As Exercise: A Blog

Walking as exercise is an underrated workout.

No, seriously, we’re not exaggerating. It’s a movement we as humans perform every day, often without even thinking it. It’s easy, accessible, and doesn’t require any special equipment to do it.

And it’s all cardio, which is great for fitness. If you’re someone who is struggling to work their way up to running every day, walking could be a great answer to your workout needs. Simply walking for 30 minutes a day can help meet most standard workout goals.

Join us, today, as we take a closer look at five great reasons to start working walking into your daily workout.

It’s Extremely Accessible

Ambulating is such a normal and integral part of our daily lives, we don’t even realize how much of it we do on an average day. It’s also easy for us to forget we’re actually working out every time we do it.

It’s not all about running – walking as exercise can help you achieve results, without the added stress on your joints or the painful recovery time. Walking can be done by most people for much longer, and doesn’t require any special skills to “do right”. You can do it just about anywhere, without any complicated preparation or equipment.

It’s As Effective As Running

Walking really doesn’t get the recognition it gets, especially compared to running.

Walking is an extremely natural part of who we all are. While walking is less demanding on our cardiovascular systems, and can actually lead to better cardiovascular health. And with that, dear reader comes more calories burned.

Walk at a relatively high intensity, depending on your unique needs. Maintain a speed and incline that challenge you. You’ll start noticing improvements in no time.

Lower Your Risk Of Injury

One of the leading reasons for most people dropping their workout plans is injuries, early on. There’s always a risk of injury whenever you do anything physical – we’re not perfect machines, and sometimes you’ll slip, step wrong, or overwork yourself. And it’s to be expected, no matter how you work out.

That being said, walking helps to minimize the risk of these kinds of injuries by creating a repetitive action that’s strenuous but stable. Of course, as with any other workout, you’ll need to make sure you don’t overwork yourself. Be mindful of how the distance you’re walking now might affect your other routines, such as yoga or spin class.

It’s (Actually) Extremely Versatile

While walking might not seem like it has that many applications for a workout, it’s surprisingly easy to increase the difficulty. Similar to running, you can target different terrains to ramp up your fitness and keep workouts interesting.

Similarly, if you regularly walk on a treadmill, it can be easy to forget your incline setting exists. Increase or lower the incline of your treadmill for a little variety and to add to make your workout easier. With walking as a base, you take your cardio workout to the next level, and start seeing results almost instantly.

It’s Great For Your Mood (And Mental Health)

Psychologists have studied the numerous fantastic effects spending your time in nature can have on your mental health. Similarly, physical activity helps to reduce anxiety and depression – and walking for exercise is an extremely accessible way to start the ball rolling.

Consider walking your gateway exercise – you start walking, which helps you feel more energetic. This added energy helps to motivate you to do other exercises. At the very least, it will help you to stay focused on eating right, spending more time living your best lifestyle, and being more mindful of what goes into your body.

Walking As Exercise

Walking is a severely underrated form of exercise. With better stability, easier form, and accessibility pretty much anywhere you are, it’s a safe, scalable exercise with a lot of potential.

Interested in more great health and fitness advice? Check out our other fantastic articles, or get in touch with us and discover a better way to live your life, today!

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