Three Keys for Weight Loss You Should Know

Three Keys for Weight Loss You Should Know

Three Keys for Weight Loss You Should Know

Weight loss isn’t easy, at least for most people. If it was, the world would be populated with tight, lean bodies attached to people constantly eating as many snack cakes as they possibly can. But it’s a process and the challenge of losing that tricky weight is at the center of weight loss’ mystique.

How do I lose weight the smart way?

What am I doing wrong with my diet?

Why can my wife eat anything she wants and not gain weight?

We attach a lot of weight (excuse the pun) to questions about our own weight, looking for reasons why it’s so hard and what we’re doing wrong. But the truth is, weight loss is a pretty simple concept when you get right down to it.

Cardio work. Strength training. Counting calories and macronutrients.

These are the central pillars of any effective weight loss routine. With these three in place, 99% of people can expect to see reliable weight loss results. Although, it has to be said, not each one of these elements is as important to the process of losing weight when you examine them closely.

Join us today, then, as we break down these three elements and how you can use them to take your weight loss further than ever before.

Counting Calories

One of the biggest hurdles many weight losers have to overcome is the idea that counting all your calories is “just a little much”. There’s a misconception that keeping a comprehensive diary of your nutrients is obsessive or extreme, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Logging your food is central to weight loss. Of course, it is – nutrition is a science, and your intake directly impacts what you put on or lose. Trying to lose weight by just generall eating “the right foods” is like trying to find your way home through a forest without a map.

While we don’t recommend this, we’ll be honest and tell you that, technically, you could lose weight by diet alone. We don’t recommend this because it’s not great for your overall health, and good results will be much harder to come by. Count calories and measure your nutrition to complement your exercise and maintain strength, and you’ll be on the road to weight loss success.

Building Strength

We can say this definitively: strength training is the most effective form of exercise for people of any age. Hands down.
It’s an exercise that doesn’t agree with everybody, but the impact it has on your bone density,  ligaments and tendons, and (most importantly) posture is undeniable. Improved strength can be directly linked to the way you interact with the world around you, from your daily tasks to your other exercises. With improved strength, your options for further training open wide up as well and, it has to be said, your body is more apt to preserve itself as you grow older.
In addition to being what keeps us using all of that wonderful energy from our improved diet, it’s an essential way to compound your weight loss efforts.

Cranking Out Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise has a tough time in the world of weight loss. Because it was thought of for many years as the best way to lose weight before this was proven untrue, many people brush it off in this regard. This is obviously a huge waste, as can be seen by the still-great effects it has been shown to have on weight-loss.

Balance is important, here. Where weight loss is the end-goal, it’s important to balance out conditioning work on a treadmill, spin bike or sled (if you please) with strength training.  Alternating between high-intensity interval training and weight work sessions on a regular basis helps to solidify your weight loss efforts.

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