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I've been working out at Journey for the past four months, and my results have far surpassed my expectations!  I rediscovered my motivation for fitness, made impactful but realistic changes to my diet and workout routines, and shed my previous misconceptions about weight training. In just over three months I lost more than 20 pounds, I feel like getting back down to my high school weight is realistically within reach, and in a lot of ways I feel physically stronger than I've ever been. My friends, family and coworkers have all noted the change in how my clothes fit me and have had good things to say about the changes in my appearance. I've been welcomed and treated well by everyone there, and I feel like the trainers have really made it a point to make MY goals THEIR goals. My membership here has definitely been money well spent.

Don M.
Mary Jo A.

I have been training at Journey Fitness for approximately 7 months and am thrilled with my experience. Mary and Rich are highly skilled and knowledgeable, their guidance has made an incredible difference in how I look and feel. They are magnificent.
I would highly recommend contacting Journey Fitness!

Jason H.

I am so happy I made the commitment to Journey Fitness to help me with my fitness to a better healthier me, the right way. Mary and Rich are professionals and genuinely care about each client as if you were their only client. One on One training is exactly that. They are by your side your entire appointment, not like some other gyms where you may share your appointment with others.

Karen L.
Karen L.