Exercise or Sleep Benefits: Which Is More Important?

Exercise or Sleep Benefits: Which Is More Important?

Exercise or Sleep Benefits: Which Is More Important?

It’s a tale as old as time: you get into bed, roll over, and set your alarm time for tomorrow. And, at that moment, you find yourself wondering: what time should I wake up?

If you wake up conservatively, you can get those precious eight hours of sleep benefits and wake up rested. But, if you get up an hour early, you could hit the gym or do something sporty and healthy, and you know that’s important too.

This mystery is more common than you might think. Both outcomes are healthy and good, and making the call can seem really impossible. Join us today for our official breakdown of this all-important decision, and get ready for better health, with Journey Fitness Center, today.

Siding With Sleep

Sleep and exercise are the twin pillars of good health. But, if you ever have to choose one over the other, it really should be sleep. Getting enough sleep means getting enough time for the body to supplement and refresh its cells every day. And not getting enough of it can make maintaining your health extremely difficult.

Exercise Is Should Not Be Overlooked

Of course, having a great sleep schedule doesn’t replace a solid workout routine altogether. Never dismiss the need for exercise for your overall health, especially if you don’t work a particularly physical job.

Research has shown oxygenated blood has a very important part to play in the human body, and that consistent workouts do a great job of delivering that oxygen to your body. Exercising increases the flow of blood throughout your body, with deep lungfuls of air delivering that sweet oxygen to your blood.

A short exercise is better than no exercise at all. What you can do in 10 minutes at home on your living room floor would amaze you (and just imagine what you could do with a personal trainer, while we’re at it).

Exercise and Sleep Benefits: Be Honest

It’s easy for life to get away from us. If you’re constantly short on time, it’s not like you’re in the minority or anything. In these cases, you’ll want to where your time is being lost and what you could be doing with the time you have in a perfect world. You’d be surprised how much time you do have, and how much you could make if you tried.

Ultimately, sleep benefits the body more than “going hard” in nine out of ten cases. For more on your own physical fitness path, visit Journey Fitness Center today and find out about our world-class personal training and wellness services.

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