Personal Training: Five February Fitness “F” Words

Personal Training: Five February Fitness “F” Words

Personal Training: Five February Fitness “F” Words

Ask any personal trainer: fitness isn’t a simple process from “out of shape” to “fit”, via “personal training”.

There’s a lot you need to know, and dozens of ways you can get results. Sometimes, to get from “A” to “C”, you’ll need to go via “F”.

Luckily for you, for the month of February, we’re bringing you our top five fitness “F” words, so you can get more out of your gym experience.

Ready to hit it hard? Good – so are we!


personal training

Exercise, like any other complex movement like driving a car or operating a sewing machine, has to be done right. You might be able to fake your way through this or learn that movement while you’re doing it, but if you want to do it safely, you’re going to need to learn the form.

Take some time to identify four or five stations in your gym and learn the movements. Go online, read guides, or approach a personal trainer, and ask how you should be standing. Which way to hold handles, or how quickly to pull on pulleys. You might think it’s obvious from looking at pictures, but with better form, you can start getting better results from your gym experience right away.

(No) Fear

In his insanely popular novel, Dune, Frank Herbert famously wrote: “I must not fear. Fear is the mindkiller… I will face my fear.”

While this might seem a little dramatic, it’s a sentiment that’s very important in personal training and fitness.

All of your insecurities about how you look, how fast the others are going compared to you, and how well you’re doing need to go out the window, especially while you’re gymming.

Self-conscious about your weight loss? That’s understandable. Now get up and go to the gym, anyway. Worried about the weight dropping off slowly? We get you. Now get up and go to the gym, anyway.

Whatever your reasons are, they’re probably quite meaningful. As humans, we don’t just make fear up for no reason.

They shouldn’t, however, ever stop you from getting up and going to the gym, anyway.


They say every fitness routine starts in the kitchen.

If you aren’t eating right, all the personal training in the world isn’t going to be effective.

Do some research, and decide what kind of body you’re aiming for. Trying to bulk up or drop weight can mean different things for your diet. Figure out what a week’s worth of food will look like, then go out and get it.

A good tip is to do what fitness enthusiasts call “meal prep Sundays”. This can be any day of the week but means getting into your kitchen with a few recipes and all your ingredients, and cooking up all of your dinners for the week in one go.

You’ll freeze or refrigerate these and stash them away until you need them. What’s good about this is that it takes the pressure off of you to cook each meal individually, later on in the week. With all of your dinners lined up, you’ll be more apt to come home each night and eat at home instead of eating out.


One of the most counterintuitive goals in exercising your body is fatiguing yourself.

The human body is an efficient machine. We lift chairs, run upstairs, and push our broken down cars into gas stations on any given day, and when we do, our bodies adapt to the added workload. In order to really work the body to the point where it gets into better shape, we have to exercise to the point of fatigue.

Don’t do anything that will get you into trouble, but if you get through a workout session without sweating, you could probably have done more. You should feel tired, not just generally, but in your muscles.

It’s this fatigue that makes personal training effective.


The best way to get ahead in any challenging activity is to make it fun for yourself.

Spice up your workout with a new playlist on your MP3 player. Or, if you’re looking for a change of pace, try swapping out music for podcasts or audiobooks.

If you’re working out alone and getting bored, bring a friend. If your friend’s presence is making you self-conscious, go alone, or find a personal trainer.

Whatever helps bring out the fun is always for the best. Never underestimate the motivating power of a little bit of fun.

Better Fitness In The Month Of February

And there you have it – five “F”s that are sure to jumpstart your fitness in the month of February.

Interested in learning more about taking your fitness back into your own hands? Get in touch, today, and discover our professional personal trainer services.

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