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Myths About Lifting As A Woman

Myths About Lifting As A Woman

Myths About Lifting As A Woman

As a woman, there are a lot of expectations on you when you step into a gym. Maybe you feel like you have to wear certain clothes. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable working out around other women (or, on the flip side, too many men could be an issue).

And, of course, there is that old myth about women working out that has continued to plague us throughout the years. That women shouldn’t lift heavy, instead opting for cardio, light weights, and stretching exercises.

But why do we think this? And is there any weight to these reasons? Join us today, as we take a look at seven myths about lifting as a woman.

Heavy Lifting Will “Make You Bulky”

Our first point of issue is the myth that lifting heavy weights will make women in training put on unwanted bulk. As we’ve pointed out already, maybe that’s what you want, and if you’re working out correctly, you can put that mass on wherever you like. But let’s address the main misconception, here: you’re not going to bulk up, necessarily, from picking up heavy things.

Bulked up female bodybuilders do not get their bodies by mistake. There’s no accidentally doing too many bench presses and getting giant shoulders you never wanted. You have to train and take supplements in a very purposeful way to land up with pronounced musculature!

Picking up heavy weight strengthens your muscles can bulk you up if you eat and work out properly. The same workout combined with a caloric deficit, meanwhile, could give your body a leaner, more toned look.   

Spot Fat Reduction

The human body is a complex mechanism, with a lot of different processes ongoing at any given point of time. The upside of this is that there are usually multiple ways you can approach fitness and fat loss. The downside, however, is that it’s impossible for your body to reduce fat in specific locations.

This means that, for someone with a big stomach or flabby arms, doing thousands of repetitive exercises to target that one area will be a lot like banging your head against a wall. The human body will store fat in certain areas depending on your genetic makeup, making everyone’s results slightly different. And, when you lose weight, you’ll shed the fat you currently have in a specific order as well.

Cardio Is Essential To Losing Weight

Running on a treadmill or elliptical machine isn’t high on everyone’s lists of fun ways to work out. If you’re one of the many people out there who don’t enjoy cardio, the best approach might be simply not to do it. After all, cardio isn’t necessary to losing weight.

Being able to do an exercise that you actually enjoy is an important part of your longevity in this project, and many people burnout simply because running isn’t fun to them. When you only do these exercises to lose weight, you may see short term results, but many people burn out and you might not even see results.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to commit to something you don’t enjoy just to see results. Strength training, firstly, often produces better weight loss results than the same or a relative amount of cardio. Strength training breaks your muscles down, rebuilding them over the next few days and while this is happening, it’s using calories to power the process.  This is entirely passive, happening even when you’re idle, provided you recently worked out.

Men and Women Have To Train Differently

There are people who will claim until the day they die that men and women are capable of different things and that women need different training standards in order to be effective. Not only is this patently untrue, it’s actually a pretty poisonous approach to your personal fitness.

The truth is any competent trainer will tell you that strength training routines and weight loss routines are similarly effective whether you’re a man or a woman. Women are capable of the exact same level of commitment it takes to deadlift hundreds of pounds as men on a physical level.

The one caveat to this fact is that, achieving a high level of weight lifting strength isn’t necessarily going to make men and women look the same. A woman looking to seriously bulk up like her male counterparts might get the same numbers they do when lifting, but their diet is will mean the difference between victory and disappointment.

And, speaking of diet…

Simply Eat Less To Lose Weight

It’s simple math: eating fewer calories will help you lose weight because, ultimately, that’s what it comes down to. Well, mostly.

The painful truth is that “getting by” on 1200 or fewer calories a day is a pretty unhappy way to get through your day. Being constantly happy might seem like something easy to write off as “just part of the process” when you start, but you’ll quickly learn that your comfort matters.

The human body needs enough food of a certain level of quality in order to continue its normal operations. Calories may seem like a bunch of the same thing, but our bodies actually react differently protein and fat consumption than, say, fresh vegetables or grains.

Sometimes your body may trigger an insulin dip, and others the food you’ve eaten could help to rebuild your muscle. It’s not one dimensional, and the impact of the way you lose weight can guide how long you stick with your new way of life.

Eat real foods, and in responsible amounts. 1200 calories a day may seem insanely efficient, but it’s unsustainable and dangerous. On average, women actually should never go below 1800 calories a day, especially on an exercise routine!

Strength Training “Isn’t For” Older Women

It’s not fair, but one of the most common pressures on the modern woman is their age. As women reach menopause and their potential to develop osteoporosis becomes more real, it may be tempting to imagine weight training as dangerous. After all, what if you injure yourself?

We’ve got great news for you, because this is actually the ideal time to develop your strength. In a post-menopausal state, women on average experience preserved bone density, along with the benefits of their improved muscle mass and strength. Women into their 70s have reported handling strength training routines just fine, with age playing a much more reduced role in your viability than you might expect.

For more on how to lose weight while weight lifting, no matter your gender, visit Journey Fitness Center today!

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