More Effective Ways To Use Motivation, From Journey Fitness

More Effective Ways To Use Motivation, From Journey Fitness

More Effective Ways To Use Motivation, From Journey Fitness

Making the decision to get fit, get healthy, get better dressed, or get more educated is admirable. Anybody who finds the motivation to make changes that improve their lives is taking the first step towards becoming better.

Still, there is some divide between the people discovering motivation to improve and those who actually make it a reality. Too often, we turn over a new leaf, only to be back at old habits a few weeks later.

The problem, it turns out, has to do with motivation itself. Join us today, and learn to use motivation as a weapon for better living, and not something you’re embarrassed you forgot.

The Problem with Motivation

Before we start, let’s just clarify: there’s actually no real problem with motivation of any sort. It’s the beginning of all great things, and you should always embrace them fully.

But there is an issue with the way we use motivation. The Internet is full of motivational posters, blogs, videos and images designed to bring out our best sides. But have you ever noticed that all your friends and coworkers aren’t musclebound, genius, philanthropist, entrepreneurs fighting crime in their spare time? Even the ones constantly posting images that say things like “The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power”?

This is because all of us start our journeys with a single moment of motivation, but most people don’t know where to go after that inspiration. We’ll use the momentum from our decision to start running or doing push-ups, particularly in the first few days. Our activities become boosted for a short period of time.

The problem comes with what happens after a few days or a week when your momentum inevitably begins to run out. What you need to carry on this new life change you’ve made is to put in the effort to get up early and do the healthy thing. The smart thing. The beneficial thing that’s going to change your life in ways that are good but also maybe a little boring or challenging. Because, while your motivation can run dry at the snap of a finger, the need to actually hit the yoga mat or crack a book never goes away. They’re always there, and to use them properly,  you need to find a way to be there to meet them, consistently.

Better Way To Use Motivation 

Structured discipline is the name for the internal systems we set up whenever we feel motivated. The idea, put simply, is to capitalize on your motivation and build a permanent system that prolongs your motivation. Now you’re not just feeling motivated because you read Carol Burnett saying “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me,” but you’re actually motivating yourself.

Let’s take a closer look.

Structured discipline is crucial to your ongoing discipline. This applies to any habit that requires regular, committed attendance. While motivation is almost always fleeting, combining your inertia with an unarguable discipline is longlasting.

Let’s look at an example. You’re a runner who hasn’t been keeping in shape for the last few years. You watch Forest Gump, one fateful day, and it gets to the part in the movie (*spoiler warning*) where Forest runs across America. Great scene, very inspirational, and suddenly you’re incredibly motivated to start running again.

What’s important to do to make sure you keep up with whatever goal you’re chasing is to immediately spend some time restructuring your environment. Visit a sports store and invest in running gear. Spend money on the activity. Then get onto your Google calendar and schedule thirty-minute blocks, every day, to go running in. Set it in stone – get some friends involved. Join a running group,

When you structure your environment to encourage daily practice, you apply pressure as well as motivation. This is the balance you need to keep coming back, even when you don’t feel motivated.

How To Stay Motivated

And there you have it: the official Journey Fitness breakdown of how you can stay motivated, long after your motivation runs out. By creating a better environment for carrying out your motivations, you can use motivation to turn your goals into reality.

For personal training in the Volusia County area, visit Journey Fitness today and get ready to turn your dreams into reality.

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