Month of May Fitness M Words

Month of May Fitness M Words

Month of May Fitness M Words

Sometimes, when you’re talking about fitness, the only thing there is to say is “Mmm”.

As part of our ongoing series of articles on monthly fitness, this month we’re bringing you the magnificent monument to mass, muscles, and motivation: the month of May.

Join us, today, as we take a look at our top five fitness M words for this month.

Month of May


You’ll hear a lot of people say this, and that’s mostly because it’s true: massage and fitness go hand in hand.

Whether it’s a full-body, head-to-toe affair at the hands of a professional, or a rugged rub down by a loved one on the couch, massage helps to promote fitness in many ways. Stimulating blood flow. Enhancing exercise performance. Reducing anxiety and mitigating the effects of osteoporosis.

So, while it might seem like spoiling yourself, take some time to get a decent massage in the near future. Trust us – you’ll be happy you did!


This might sound obvious, but your muscles are important to your overall ability to keep working out. Treat them with respect. If your legs hurt after a short run, look into compression socks. If you strain your bicep doing benchpresses, make sure to use a cold compress or Bengay to treat it and never work through a sprain or injury.


Exercise should be an enjoyable experience.

But not too enjoyable. If you aren’t maximizing your efforts during a workout, you’re not going to see much in the way of results. Remember to push yourself, within reason, and never clock out of a workout before you’ve actually broken a sweat. Whether you’re exercising to lose weight or rebuild weakened or damaged muscle, always keep in mind you’re trying to accomplish something. Don’t just go through the motions.


One of the best ways to keep yourself on track with your fitness journey is to pay attention to what you’re doing.  People tend to view this as “obsessive”, but the truth is monitoring your incoming calories and outgoing exercise is a first-class ticket to effective fitness.

Keep a diary of the calories you eat over the course of a day. Measure it up against the standard (roughly 2000 for men and 1600 for women), but also do some research and see what the unique numbers are for your height, age, etc.


The internet is a wealth of great motivating posters, quotes, videos, music, ads, and communities, all with the same basic goal: keeping you inspired.

Get your hands on some quality phone wallpapers, music, and visual art, and leave it all in places you’re likely to see every day. Remember why you started, every time you look at them, and you’ll be more likely to maintain your new, better habits.

Fitness In The Month of May

As we progress through the month of May, it’s important to keep in mind that fitness takes many forms. For every fitness M word, there are dozens of other concepts, rules, best practices, tips and tricks you could benefit from.

Stay tuned for more fantastic monthly fitness tips in the near future, and check out our other fantastic blog pieces  for more insights into the world of fitness, today!

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