Journey Fitness, August Fitness A Words

Journey Fitness, August Fitness A Words

Journey Fitness, August Fitness A Words

When it comes to fitness, there are thousands of great avenues available for exploration. August fitness. April cardio. November nutrition.

It’s important to realize that there’s always some new workout to learn, some new bit of nutrition you haven’t considered, and some great bit of inspiration you haven’t seen yet.

It’s with this in mind that we would like to pick our series of fitness “letters” back up again, after a month or two’s absence. Journey Fitness has brought together four of our favorite August “A” words, as a way of showing off some of the great fitness tips, tricks, and inspirations out there.

Alright. All aboard for awesome, amazing, altogether astounding August fitness “A” words?

Good. Then in the words of Dr Who: “Allonsi!” or “Let’s go there!”


An important factor in any workout routine is staying active.

Sound obvious? It isn’t always.

When someone new to working out attends the gym without the right gameplan in mind, they often take overly long breaks between sessions. This is understandable, as any decent workout routine is bound to be tiring, but it can be counterproductive.

One of the more effective methods of working out, high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) forces the person doing it to engage, all out, in quick, intense bursts of exercise. They run for a minute and a half, stop for thirty seconds, then drop into a minute and a half of burpees. Thirty seconds rest after this is followed by another minute and a half of squats, and so on.

The point is, being active is what’s important, and when you disengage too often and for too long, you negate many of the benefits of a hard workout.


Fitness is an honor-based system. You can’t hire someone to tune up your pecs or burn your belly fat. Nobody’s going to come to your house after work and tone your glutes or clock in 45 minutes of healthy cardio on your behalf.

Everything that changes in the way you look is the result of something you do. Which is why honor is such a big part of the process. Because you can lie to your family about going to the gym. You can wait for your trainer to turn his back and start slacking on the treadmill.

But when you make yourself accountable to a trainer, you enter into a contract with them. You agree to log your calories or sign in at the gym three times a week, and there’s a process wherein they check that you’re doing that. The end result is consistent exercise that only ever dips when it absolutely has to. And that is a one-way ticket to better fitness.


Aerobics is defined as any long-term activity that gets your heart rate going and maintains it over any period of time. This kind of activity can take the form of anything from stationary bike riding to hiking.

Where the importance of aerobics comes in is in increasing cardiorespiratory fitness, understood to be one of the five essential components of physical fitness. This refers to your body’s circulatory system and its ability to supply fuel during physical activities.

The effects of this are fairly straightforward – more fuel to your body increases your ability to exercise. As you exercise, you increase the amount of fuel to your body. It’s somewhat circular and extremely beneficial to improving your health.


We try not to talk in absolutes, but this might be the single most important part of any fitness routine. Three words: keep showing up.

The biggest hurdle in the way of anybody trying to adopt better habits is in losing momentum. No matter how well or how poorly your sessions are going, if you maintain regular attendance you’ll see improved results over time. But when you stop, even for one or two days, you increase your chances of never going again exponentially.

Attendance is essential to any fitness routine. No matter who you are, where you go, and how you pursue fitness, everybody starts pursuing fitness by showing up, day after day.

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