Healthy Eating: Five Foods To Remove From Your Diet

Healthy Eating: Five Foods To Remove From Your Diet

Healthy Eating: Five Foods To Remove From Your Diet

They say any good weight loss plan starts with healthy eating.

You can work hard, but certain foods will slow your progress if you don’t drop them early on.

You need to identify the problem, and nip it in the bud early, to get the best results.

Join us, today, as we put five diet-stopping foods under the microscope, so you know what to cut out.

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Because many people think only beer has “the real” calories, alcohol is often overlooked by healthy eating converts.

This is a mistake.

At seven calories per gram, alcohol accounts for a huge amount of your recommended daily allowance of protein and calories.

Then there’s the social aspect of alcohol, which is a substance that lowers your inhibitions. After a few drinks, most people give less consideration to the effect their drinking is having on their bodies.

With fewer inhibitions keeping you in check, you’re less likely to stop yourself ordering greasy or fatty foods, which will stop your diet cold.

Instant Frozen Meals

There’s a reason instant frozen “TV dinners” have lasted as long as they have.

They’re easy. Just pop one in the microwave, peel off the seal, and dig in.

But, have you ever noticed that, after eating one of these meals, you almost never feel full for very long? Companies who create these meals use low-quality ingredients to create meals that will freeze better and to produce them in large, cost-effective numbers.

These calorie-dense recipes add up quickly in the bodies of the people eating them. Unhealthy ingredients, high salt, and high-fat content all satiate your hunger in the short term, making for a recipe for eating again, soon after you’re done.

“Low-Fat” Foods

It might not seem fair, but so-called “low fat” food options are often bad news for dieters, as well.

While the food itself, whether a chip or soda or yogurt, might be technically low fat, these options often include added sugars, flour, and thickeners to make up for their bland taste. This makes them essentially useless as a low-fat option.

Even if your low-fat food keeps its promises, the taste of a completely sugar-free snack could mean trouble as well. With less satisfaction from a chip or microwave shepherd’s pie, you might end up eating more of them to make up. Or, after a week of eating paper-tasting lasagnas, you may end up snapping back into eating more delicious, high-fat foods, in numbers far greater than you otherwise might.

The best diet makes use of fresh food, vegetables, meat, and sides, for a more wholesome option than simply “cutting the sugar”.

Refined Grains

Grains that have been refined are found everywhere, and if you can cut them out of your diet, you’ll be in good shape for losing weight, soon.

Refined grains are considered substandard foods for a host of  reasons:

Starchy recipes starchy and high presence of gluten.

  1. Nearly zero natural fiber.

  2. High levels of preservatives and refining chemicals.

  3. Bleaching compounds.

  4. Artificial colors and flavors.

With increased levels of artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals, and dyes in your food, you’re more at risk to run afoul of any number of conditions and illnesses.

More importantly to the purposes of your diet, these also slow down your body’s metabolizing processes and can hamper your weight loss.

Sugary Drinks And Candies

There’s a reason our last food on today’s list has the reputation it does.

Scientific studies have shown that diets high in added sugar have a direct connection to obesity, as well as a laundry list of other medical conditions.

The problem is one of pure science. With the excess insulin that comes from sugary snacks, muscle, fat and liver cells are bombarded with sugar and store it as glycogen. This is a natural sugar that we, as humans, have limited capacity to store in our body. When our bodies reach this limit, they convert the sugar into fat, for storage.

The quickest route between two points is a straight line.

High-sugar diets can be directly linked to an increase in body weight. For healthy eating to work, you’ll have to cut out the sugar.

What To Cut, If You Want To Keep Losing Weight

For most people, healthy eating isn’t easy.

Make sure you do everything you can to make it easier on yourself, by cutting out foods that slow you down.

Interested in bringing out the best in your fitness program? Get in touch with us, today, for the best in functional fitness training and exercise therapy.

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