Five Seriously Useful Running Goals For New Runners

Five Seriously Useful Running Goals For New Runners

Five Seriously Useful Running Goals For New Runners

Running is one of the most effective forms of exercise for improving your overall health, losing weight, and getting fit. Most people don’t need any kind of introduction to the concept. Running is a cardiovascular exercise that has been shown to help weight loss and promote better fitness.

Running helps to offset and prevent obesity and diabetes, stop heart disease, and reduce blood pressure. Stop strokes, work actively against cancer, and defend your body from a huge array of other conditions.

Not only this, but it’s been shown to improve the quality of your daily life.

Join us, today, as we break down five achievable running goals to help get you started along the path to better health.

Running Goals For A More Successful Start

Pick a Distance And Run That Without Stopping

In one of your early sessions, run for as long as you can without stopping, and measure how far that is. You can measure it in distance or time – whatever you choose, make that number your new base measurement. Just run until you physically feel you have to stop (not that you’d like to, but you have to).

Then set a date in the future when you’d like to be able to run double that. Or a mile more. Something significant to you, and a measurable improvement. Take regular runs and at the end of each week, push yourself for one non-stop run. Slowly, you’ll start to see your results improving, week by week.

Set a Weight Loss Goal

If you run without a number in mind, you stand more chance of losing interest, as the numbers you do achieve start to mean less and less to you. Pick a goal weight and work towards that – even if your weight loss slows down for any amount of time, you’ll still have the proverbial carrot in front of you to motivate you.

Make One Of Your Goals to Run A Race

This intimidates a lot of people, but the benefits can be huge. If you are just starting out running, push yourself to get to a point where you can comfortably run 5ks (or just run that far without feeling like you’re dying). Use this as motivation to enter a 5k run and then go do it! The motivation you’ll feel from finishing your first 5k will help spur you on to bigger and better runs and races.

Negative Splits

A useful tool for beginner runners is the negative split. Start your run off at a comfortable pace, without straining yourself too much. Set a specific time (let’s say an hour) to run for. Then, in the second half of that time, ramp up the speed to something much more challenging.

This helps runners to learn to conserve their energy and develop power in ways they might not realize their bodies have.

Enjoy Running

Make one of your goals to eventually enjoy running.

This might sound obvious, but there are runners who go their whole lives thinking this exercise is some terrible chore they have to survive. If you can make your goal to learn to really love each run you go on, you’re more likely to follow through with your running. And when you follow through, you’re more likely to develop as a runner.

Better Running Goals For Better Running Achievements

The challenges we set ourselves today are what make our achievements more meaningful tomorrow. With our five simple running goals, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better runner before you know it. This means improved health, self-esteem and, perhaps most importantly, a physical achievement you can be proud of.

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