Hitting Your Fitness Goals The Smart Way

Hitting Your Fitness Goals The Smart Way

Hitting Your Fitness Goals The Smart Way

The idea of “muscling up” is one of those mystical fitness goals that a lot of us have but that eludes so many of us. For many out there working out and watching what we eat from week to week, gaining muscle without gaining fat is the dream.

Otherwise known as “clean bulking”, this is a way of controlling the way you look that brings its own specific challenges. The foremost of these is the fact that, to gain muscle, you have to ingest calories. But, as we all know, to consume more calories is to risk putting on weight, especially if you don’t work that energy into muscle mass as soon as possible.

Today, we’ll be putting the best strategies for a flawless clean bulk under the microscope, maximizing both your training and nutrition for best results.

Lean Tissue Training

Choosing a training program to make the best use of your time adding lean tissue comes down to four main elements:

  • A calorie limit chosen to use all of that energy for muscle and recovery. This ties you to a weight lifting program of three-to-four sessions a week.
  • A workout comprised of complex exercises targeting several muscle groups simultaneously.
  • A focus on increasing muscle size rather than developing lean definition. This is done through moderate repetitions, with increases in the time spent working your muscles per set.
  • Gym sessions where you do a little bit more each time. Add a few extra pounds to your weights each time, constantly challenging yourself to improve a little more each time.
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Hit your fitness goals with the right combination of workout and protein intake.

Eating For Lean Tissue

The unfortunate part of any training program is that you can’t “get there” on training alone. They say that 80% of weight loss is done in the kitchen, and we’ve found that to be true.

The quality of calories you’re taking in has a lot to do with how effective your diet actually is. You have to fuel your body with high-quality protein in order to really build muscle and get that body you’re looking for. Make use of proteins like lean grass-fed meat and free-range eggs, complemented with nuts and beans and the occasional protein shake or bar.

And we do mean occasional. Ideally, most of your protein should be from naturally occurring sources for better intake of essential vitamins and nutrients. Where possible, you should always pick “real food”.

Finally, make sure to spread out your protein intake. Proteins don’t store in the body like carbs or fats, so if you decide to “game the system” and eat your day’s worth of proteins in a single meal, you’re being inefficient. Spread out your daily intake across all of your meals. Aim for between 1.6 and 1.7 g of protein per kilogram of your own body weight.

And remember: just because you’re behaving yourself when it comes to protein intake, doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to eat whatever you want. Reaching your fitness goals takes dedication. You still need to get the right number of calories, per day, to complement your diet. 2000 kcals is enough for an average woman to maintain their body weight, with any deficient from there being enough to start losing weight. For men, that first number is closer to 2500.

Fitness Goals: A Recipe For Success

It might sound trite, but the truth is the ideal recipe for bulking up is much the same as any other fitness routine. You have to eat right and that diet has to be matched with consistent exercise. The real secret, if you’re looking for one, is protein intake and the quality of the proteins you’re taking in. Hopefully, with today’s article in hand, you’ll have what you need to make the decisions in the kitchen you need to start really developing your muscles and definition.

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