When Exercise Just Isn’t Working, What Do You Do?

When Exercise Just Isn’t Working, What Do You Do?

When Exercise Just Isn’t Working, What Do You Do?

Let’s be honest: exercise is hard. It’s great for you, and with enough practice, it can become the kind of thing you look forward to, which is the dream for many of us. But the truth is exercise is difficult, and there are some days when working out just seems like the last thing you want to do.

Which is all fair and well – everybody has bad days, and the secret is to take some time off but come back to it within a day. Never let it slack, or you’ll lose momentum, but also understand that everybody needs a day when they just take care of themselves.

But what do you do when exercise seems like it’s just too much, and you worry that you’ll never come back to it? What’s the solution when working out isn’t fun anymore? Join us today, as we put workout fatigue under the microscope and show you what you can do to reignite that spark by choosing the right workouts.

Bored With Exercise? It Might Be The type

One of the biggest stopping points for many people on their workout journeys is that they blame themselves for losing interest in workout routines. While this might be partly earned (you need to be willing to commit at least a little bit), many people forget that the exercise itself has to be attractive to you.

Crossfit and boot camps, by way of an example, are an extremely effective way to cut fat, develop muscle, and become more fit. They’re very labor intensive and they expect a lot from the people doing them in order to be effective. If you can work hard enough and consistently enough at it, it’s possible to achieve great results.

But the truth is, it’s also just not for everybody. Just like baseball isn’t for everybody. Or running, or cornhole, or any number of other physical activities. Some things bore us, and the misconception that every workout will become captivating to us once we work hard enough can actually be very damaging.

If you don’t find a specific workout style fun or motivating, you aren’t necessarily being lazy. You may just need to speak to your trainer or someone with workout experience about switching to a different routine. Because, much like baseball or cornhole or running, there isn’t just one workout option out there.

Find What Works

Work hard, do your research and find the type of fitness that makes you feel healthy. Anybody who tells you that feeling wrecked, exhausted, constantly sore and unhappy is just “the price you pay for a hot body” is missing the point.

You need to feel like you’re improving, not like you’ve been hit by a bus every day. And this doesn’t mean we’re giving you permission to let everything slide – if you want to change your body, you will have to make changes. Changes to your workout routine and the way you eat. Especially the way you eat. The old adage is true – most of your workout will happen in the kitchen, and you’ll need to find a way to eat healthy consistently for it to make any difference.

But you have to do what actually makes you happy or you will lose momentum. Enjoyment affects the way you work out and how likely you are to go back. Speak to your trainer about changing up your schedule, and open up to them if you’re unhappy with the way your routine is going. It may be tempting to just give it up as something you aren’t interested in, but there are ways to turn any routine around.

You may be powerlifting without any clue that you’d actually prefer a yoga routine. Perhaps you’ve been taking martial arts classes when you’re actually a bodyweight kind of person at heart.  People exercise in specific ways according to their enjoyment.

Above all else, you have to accept that the only person you answer to is you. Don’t keep pushing something you aren’t enjoying. Instead, focus on changing to an area that’s more engaging.

Make Workouts Fun By Choosing The Right Workouts

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is completely true in the world of exercise. Choose the wrong workout, and even the most determined fitness freak will feel less motivated to go to the gym with each session they do.

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