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Bob Geraci

Bob Geraci

Bob Geraci

Bob Geraci

Bob has been practicing yoga since 2000, started teaching yoga in 2001, and is a lifelong fitness enthusiast.  His classes make yoga accessible to everyone from beginners to athletes to more advanced yogis.  He holds an I-RYT from Yoga Alliance and was trained by Yogafit.   He has studied with many master teachers and in many styles since that time.  Bob teaches with compassion, sensitivity, and motivation, encouraging students to reach their edge, but not exceed their limitations.

Bob believes that yoga is a wonderful compliment  to cardio and strength classes and whatever sports someone is currently performing.  His focus is on teaching yoga for all people with diverse backgrounds that are in the classroom on a particular day.  He teaches not only general audiences but  other populations such as older adults and disabled students. Bob incorporates the use of props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, and suggests adjustments as needed.  His focus is on building the base pose and providing modifications to deepen the pose as is appropriate.  The essence of his yoga practice guides his teaching:

  • Yoga is for everybody regardless of age, weight, or gender and that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga practice.
  • Breathing, feeling, and listening to the body.
  • Letting go of expectations, judgments, and competition.
  • Staying grounded and in the present moment.
  • Yoga is a powerful practice and yogic techniques can be applied to everyday activities.

Bob is also certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and a Health Coach and has taught a variety of fitness classes along with personal training in the past.  He worked as a technology executive and consultant in the financial services industry for fortune 500 companies.  He has both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Illinois in psychology. 


Therapeutic / Restorative Yoga

Stretch, Flow, Restore

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