About Us

Who We Are?

Journey Fitness Center was developed to help individuals live an active, healthy lifestyle. Through nutrition and fitness, everyone can make a change in their life. Our goal is to motivate, encourage, and provide people in the community a fitness center to be able to workout and stay active.

Whether your goal is trying to lose weight, maintain weight, get faster, stronger, or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle, Journey Fitness Center is here to help. We strive to be different.

We are completely dedicated to helping you reach your fitness potential.  Our mission is to guide you along your JOURNEY to achieving your goals.  Let’s get started today!

I’ve had such a terrific experience working with Rich and the team at Journey Fitness. I came to Rich with back problems from years of jogging and wearing heels -(not at the same time!) so Rich came up with a highly customized plan to get me back in shape while being careful with my injury. I’m much stronger, more in shape and have nearly forgotten what it was like to have back pain. Rich motivates me to do more than I would have on my own. And Rich is very creative with his workout plan- I’ve never had the same workout twice.

Lori Catron
Lori C.

I discovered Journey Fitness at the beginning of the year through Richard and Mary.  Rob Galerno became my coach and we have been working together since. The facility is fully equipped, kept perfectly maintained, and always inviting. Rob established the perfect program, age and physically appropriate.  No two sessions are ever the same which makes the workouts challenging and rewarding. I look forward to my sessions at Journey Fitness.

Tom Weber
Tom W.

I cannot say enough positive things about Richard Boyd as a physical trainer. For the last four months I have been training with Richard twice a week. During that time, I have lost 20 pounds, 4 pants sizes, reduced my body fat by 4% and my blood pressure is within normal range. I have gained significant muscle mass and my beer belly is gone. I feel great about myself and would encourage anyone who wants to lose weight, rehab from an injury, or just improve their overall health and physical appearance to contact Richard Boyd.

Allan Z
Allan Z.