A Exercise April!

A Exercise April!

A Exercise April!

“A” is for Axercise…


As part of our ongoing segment on monthly lettered exercise, we’d like to welcome you to April, the month of “A”. We promise five of the most insightful “A”s in fitness, as we delve further into the wonderful world of healthy living.

Ready to act out some awesome activities? Good – let’s get right to it!



Aerobics are defined as any vigorous exercise with particular benefit to the heart and lungs. These can include anything from jumping jacks and a light jog to swimming a mile or learning parkour.

The point is, they’re not only good for you, they’re really good for your body. Exercises that prompt deep, rapid breathing and excess thirst are pushing you to treat your body like the engine it is.

Aerobic exercises have been used for generations to produce lean, toned bodies. Start your routine, this April, and start seeing the change in your body.

Alternating Back Lunges

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but get ready for this exercise to destroy you.

Alternating back lunges take the already-challenging standard lunge maneuver and add an arm element that’s sure to have you screaming (and get results).

Start with your feet positioned parallelly alongside each other, and your arms at your sides. Step backward (make it a big step), bringing your right leg down into a lunge and creating a set of 90-degree angles with both knees.

While you’re doing this, lift your arms up to shoulder height and pull back your elbows, like you’re going to punch two people at the same time.

Don’t let your front knee extend past your toes, by pushing your flat heel into the ground as you step backwards with the other one.

Repeat for a healthy three reps (or until you feel like you’re on fire).


This point was a bit of a cheat because by “apples” we mean “all fruits and vegetables”.

Well, most of them.

And in moderation.

Look into which leafy green vegetables and high-protein fruits work best for your diet, and commit to them in the month of April. Filling up on apples, avocados, and apricots (in moderation) makes for a much healthier alternative to snacking on chips and candies.

Aches And Pains

Look, we get it.

Nobody enjoys feeling like their arm’s on fire, or like they can’t sit because their abs are full of needles. Getting into shape can hurt, and there’s no sense in glamorizing it because you won’t care when you’re in real pain after your first workout.

But we will say this: pain really does equal gain.  Delayed onset muscle soreness (or DOMS) is an acronym for the creeping, debilitating pain that most fitness buffs have experienced at one stage or another. During a strenuous workout, your body breaks down molecules to get energy.  Cells, as a result of this, become more acidic, which leads to the signature burning sensation.

These are a natural part of the process, and there are ways to curb them.

All The Reps

Our last point today is a simple rule, but crucially important.

Finish your reps. However many reps you’ve committed to doing, finish them off. If you have to do some quick math and break a rep into smaller parts because you overextended yourself, fine (though we don’t recommend it). But finish your reps. You’ll be happy you did when you see the results.

Applause, Please

And there we have it. Five actionable “A” fitness tips, sure to assist your appetite for awesome health, this April.

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