Did you know that your body is set up to take care of the process of detoxing on its own? That you don’t have to do detox teas and other trendy programs to detox? The body does detoxing through our liver, and kidneys, but there are a handful of ways you can assist it, including one you may not have thought of: exercise.

We are exposed daily to chemicals, toxins and other environmental materials that always don’t get processed through the liver and kidneys, but get stored in our fat cells. Fat can’t always release the toxins when they build up over time, so symptoms such a skin irritation and a slower metabolism occurs.

Sweat allows those built up toxins to be released and escape through the pores. After a good sweat session or sauna time, studies have found trace amounts of heavy metals like lead and arsenic in the sweat. This sweat allows the body to release this built up. Of course, taking a shower after working out to cleanse the skin of toxins is crucial, as to not allow them to be reabsorbed.

Now you know that sweating is a great reason you should hit the gym, along with boosting your mental health, and cheering on your friends! Join us for a great sweat session at the Journey Fitness Group Training Center, where we offer over 80 classes a month! Plenty of opportunities to detox!