3 Ways Being Optimistic is GREAT for your Health!

Did you know that your outlook has a direct effect on how you feel in your everyday life? Having a positive attitude helps your mental state, but also helps your physical health too! Here are some ways that thinking happy thoughts can benefit you in all areas of your life:

  1. Positive moods increase and depression decreases. This is due to the positive self-talk we engage in when we’re feeling good about life. Did you know that the things we think about can affect how we feel? Knowing this, by changing your thoughts, you can change how you feel. Furthermore, optimists increase “happy” chemicals in their brain (endorphins), which are natural mood elevators and pain relievers, while pessimists tend to socially isolate themselves, which leads to increased depressed mood.
  2. Hopeful attitudes also can increase your immune system. Want fewer colds and illnesses? Focus on the good things in your life. By balancing your thoughts, you can stabilize and balance hormones, which can lead to better sleep, more energy, and healthier organs. 
  3. Recovery comes sooner. Optimistic individuals are more likely to sleep better. Because sleep is less disrupted due to stress and cortisol, your body is able to do the majority of its repairs and recovery at night. Researchers theorize that optimists may interpret stressful events in more positive ways and are more likely to use problem-focused coping strategies, helping to reduce their worries when trying to sleep.

We know that every day won’t be rainbows and butterflies, but keeping a handle on negative thinking can help you readjust your thoughts back into the positive.  Take mention of those thoughts, and as a reminder, it’s okay to feel sad, angry, frustrated, or down, we all do! Optimism is just one tool we can use to experience life in a meaningful way.